Monday, 11 September 2017

I got Stuck in my Through Floor Lift in Margate

I used to have a stairlift but the condition of my Multiple Sclerosis has made that unsafe for me to use as my Multiple Sclerosis got worse. So I now have a Pollock through floor lift. On Friday Morning I got stuck in it. No problem as it reset itself and I was able to continue the journey, just as well because I had the District Nurse here to change my catheter 😥I only delayed here by a few minutes but I needed to get it sorted. Call in the Lift engineer, he was fitting a Curved Stairlift in Bromley but said he would be with us ASAP. He arrived about four in the afternoon and we explained it had all started earlier in the day and had stopped three times, every time on the way up. We know the engineer Ryan as he had serviced both of our previous stairlifts. The first one had been an old second hand Stannah stairlift which we replaced with a new lift when we had the Bathroom converted to a wet room.
Ryan quickly diagnosed the fault and I was as happy as a dog with two tails. I did say that I was going to tell the blogging world about him and promote his new website KENTSTAIRLIFTS.COM as has was saying his new website was so new it wasn't getting found by the search engines. Those who have been reading my blogs will know I love getting websites higher in the search engine ratings. So getting Kent on the first search page was like a red rag to a bull to me.So Ryan when you read this clear the cache in your computer or phone and search and see where your website comes. Ryan lives in Dover and fits Stairlifts all over Kent Surrey South East London and East Sussex. So if you are reading this in Maidstone or Canterbury Seven Oaks or Dartford in fact anywhere in the South East Call 07908 038 494 and get your Stairlift or as in my case a Through Floor Lift emergency sorted. Dont forget to tell Ryan where you heard about him as I might get a free service nudge nudge.