Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Vote Labour Tories have doubled National Debt under austerity

Yep I know they will say whilst they were running the country they need us to have some austerity so they could spend even more running up the National Debt. WE JOE PUBLIC have suffered hospitals and social care in turmoil Nurses being condemned to use food banks and the break down of the nations infrastructure. Local authorities themselves are cutting services because the Government appears to not to care about little old ladies unable to go into social care or have home help. I am going to be voting labour on June 8th

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  1. I will be joining you. My local NHS commissioning group went over budget at the start of the new year and cancelled all non urgent operations and waiting time targets got scrapped. And May and co stand up and tell us how well the country is doing, just a pack of lies. What have all those surgeons employed by the NHS been doing for the last few month? I presume they have still been paid.
    So how has this affected me? I have been waiting for a prostrate op since early December and it will be over 6 months before I get to surgery. In the mean time infection after infection.
    So I certainly will be voting labour.


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