Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Disability aids and adaptation to help you.

I remember years ago looking at the New wheelchair sat in the hallway with a mixture of both disgust and terror. The terror was the reality that I really was disabled. And the disgust bit was I couldn't believe that my own body had turned against me and that thing was now how I was going to negotiate the outside world. Until the arrival of a wheelchair in my life I had welcomed every aid and adaption with open arms. Sticks or crutches walkers and even a scooter hadn't had the shocking effect on me as that wheelchair. I made excuses not to go out I refused to join in I stayed indoors, the world outside our front door could and would get on perfectly well with out me cluttering it up sat in a pile of scrap metal.
This went on for months and then I read an article about someone else who withdrew from society because of disability. It was that article about how someone else saying that by not going out this person was depriving others of her wit and company and it was selfish of her not to share her life with her friends. That struck a cord with me. I had always told other to use all of the tools available to let those tools help them to enjoy life to the full. Shortly afterwards we went o Portsmouth, our son was about thirteen and he was so proud pushing his dad round. He also had and still has a wicked sense of humour and took great delight letting me go down a steep slope and on another day pushing me through every puddle as we got soaked returning to the car. I rained so hard I was sitting in my own swimming pool and we laughed until we cried, you couldn't see the tears for the raindrops but it suddenly meant inclusiveness, for all the family.
Around that time I can remember telling a lady I met at Westgate she should embrace all of the equipment that enables her to be with her family, she was disabled and had let her family go for a walk along the prom whilst she stayed in the car park not wanting her son's and grandsons to be burdened with an old lady in a wheelchair.

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