Monday, 1 May 2017

Depression only exists in the mind

Try telling my body that! When I am depressed my body is depressed to.It knows I am feeling crap and every ache and pain rises up to have a dig. That pain in my shoulder that I normally shrug off as it's only a frozen shoulder suddenly really hurts like mad. A headache that normally goes away with drinking more water is splitting my skull in two.  I have to take more painkillers and then become constipated. Everything makes it's presence fealt and then some! A comment is magnified and develops into a cross word which in turn develops into a war and peace argument. That in turn feeds the depression and the endless spiral goes on. So when I see smart alec quotations on the net l save the on my pinterest account. When I am feeling better they can be a source for raising my spirits but when I am depressed they feed my mind with negativity and my depression grows. So when you read things like Depression only exists in the mind don't believe it it affects your body as well. People over eat are some scar themselves others starve themselves others drink they are physically expressing the emotional state. Others have to live with that expression. People left behind after a suicide or overdose or kids living in a home where parents are abusive toward each other or towards the children, that's not inside the mind it is real and the results of depression upon those around  last a lifetime
Victims of ptsd get counselling kids from a home where mum and dad knocked each other about go to school not knowing how to express their emotions and often slip through the gaps. I don't know what can be done about mental health but I do know doing nothing is not an option.

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