Monday, 3 April 2017

Started vitamin B12 tablets

I try and smile and carry on whatever the circumstances. Fall over Smile break my leg, Smile even when I am in traction and it hurts like blazes. After all I am British and it is what we Brits do! Sometime though I do question the great British default of putting the kettle on and making a cup of tea, I actually prefer coffee. My mum and dad drank coffee and copious amounts of alcohol so I filled their lead but that is another story for another day. The reason for this post is my exploration of vitamin B12. Under normal circumstances I just get on with life. MS sucks and a long time ago, over twenty years in fact  My specialist of the time said I could spend all my time chasing the latest diet or fad to  be the latest wonder thing to heal my multiple sclerosis or I could just get on with life.
That has been my mantra, smile and carry on. But what if I have been wrong. Heaven forbid for the first time in my 61 year's I had made a mistake. Is that actually possible? I am a man and men don't get things wrong, I never read the instructions well not until I need to check that they are as good as I know I am at putting stuff together. Sometimes they do have one or two good ideas but most of the time I know better so why bother wasting my time reading those useless things. So back to vitamin B12.
I have been feeling crap for sometime. The people who I look to to help me cope with my MS have over the years have suggested different drugs and I have worked my way through  a long list of things and none have worked but the side effects have been awful.
I have had drugs that have given me hallucinations one's that have given me diaharea others that have left me constipated. I have always smiled and carried on. Well I probably moaned just a little bit but I am a man, a man who has no need to read instruction manuals. But what about reading not instruction manuals but other people. I have read other people's comments about vitamin b12 and inwardly digested those comments. I have read bits on website's and I remember reading a book given to me by an auctioneer about herbal and natural remedies. That must have been getting on for twenty five years ago, time flies when you are having fun!
So years ago I tried all that I could magnesium tablets vitamin A to Zee and some herbal stuff recommended for pain relief that at the time I smoked, honestly none of it worked. And as for smoking cannabis I had given up smoking for several years when I rolled a joint and sat down and smoked it. The first draw made my head spin so much if I hadn't been sitting down I would have fallen down. Bearing in mind before I quit smoking I had been a twenty a day man or more usually rolling my own normally Old Holbourn or Golden Virginia. So the spinning head came as a real surprise. I never tried cannabis again and gave the remainder of it away.  So over my time I have tried pretty much everything but now I am going back over covered ground, I am not aiming to retry prescription drugs and I am definitely not going to be smoking cannabis but natural vitamins and minerals supplements etc are up for grabs. Wish me luck.

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