Thursday, 13 April 2017

One very full day trip to the New Forest and Hythe pier

It was touch and go but I made it. I was up and dressed ready for an adventure. Heather got me into the car at a few minutes after eight am. Not pm. And we set off. Our mate Phil was to do the driving, we collected him and set off on our trip to Southampton, well Hythe to be precise. I managed to stay awake for about five miles and with only one ore two moments awake managed to sleep unroll the outskirts of The New Forest. We used to try and holiday on the Forestry commission campsites a couple of times a year plus as many other breaks as we could manage before my MS put paid to it.
We went down Hythe Pier and watched the train trundle along  to the end. We wanted to see the ferry and were not disappointed. We also saw an Isle of Wight ferry and some cruise ships etc. I must say it was darned cold stuck out on the pier but hugely enjoyable doing stuff I have not done in twenty years. From there we had a walk round Hythe town, it's not a huge place so we were soon heading to Lymington another old haunt. We always used to have fish n chips on the marina there on our last night a long standing ritual. So I had cod and chips in fact we all did, us boys large versus Heathers small. Washed down with a can of Rio and not one chip given to the noisy Gulls. Luckily most of them were pestering other people who had been foolish enough to give in to their vociferous begging. The Gulls obviously remembered us and knew we wouldn't encourage them.
After a few hours touring around old holiday haunts we headed home and once again I was asleep only waking when we hit traffic on the M25. Phil took diversionary tactics and we came though some of the worse roads in Surrey I have had the misfortune to ever encounter. Stock broker belt! Me thinks it's broken axle belt. I couldn't sleep again untill safely back on the motor way. Fourteen hours and four hundred miles later I got back into bed and slept for another fourteen hours but this time it had been in the comfort of my bed and not in my wheelchair. I must say our dat trip to the New Forest was a master piece where to next?

where we parked for some horse pictures

Hythe Pier and ferry to Southampton

Me enjoying my cod and chips

The Pier Train

The Balmoral

New Forest Ponies

Red Jet ferry

Pier Train

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