Thursday, 13 April 2017

Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Physio

I had an appointment at Canterbury Hospital to see the Specialist Physio on Wednesday. 11:30 appointment, we left in plenty of time and still only just managed to get there by the skin of our teeth. It is surprising how much angst a small hole in the ground can cause to drivers and to drivers who are trying to reach a hospital appointment it causes blood pressure to reach boiling point. When we eventually arrived there were no parking spaces but luckily after one round of the car park  miraculously a lady  and small child returned to their car and we got parked. Of course the clinic was running late and no one ended up knowing we had only just managed to arrive at 11:28.
Nothing of great note was discussed but she is writing to see about me having a frame to enable transfers easier. I have mentioned before I am able to fall getting out of bed and that I find my bedside cabinet most uncomfortable when used as a pillow.

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