Monday, 24 April 2017

Eye Drops for conjunctivitis

I think I must have conjunctivitis my eye is sore and cruddy when I wake up, in fact at 3:15am. I was awake with an eye that wouldnt focus on the clock to even tell the time, I had to turm my kinfle on to check and it was 3:15. I have now started on a course of eye drops one  drop every two hours for two days and then every four hours for a further three days. I am one dose in and my eye already feels less fierce so lets hope it clears up and I actually get a good nights sleep tonight. So six quid on some eye drops and no waiting for an appointment with my GP.  My new mantra is dont go to see the doctor every time self medication and ask at the Chemist for minor ailments .
it is scary but well worth doing

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