Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Not fallen over since November

Nope no floor time for all almost four months and then bang crash wallop I am using the bedside cabinet as a very uncomfortable pillow! Saturday late afternoon I knew I didn't feel well so I got Heather to take me to bed. It is a full scale operation getting my leg braces off and undressed and actually into bed.  But about 8pm. I was feeling a bit better after sleeping for a few hours and when Heather suggested eating I said yes please but I will get out of bed and sit on the chair. It is actually a wheeled commode which is used to transport me when I can't make the crossing of the landing using my zimmer.
I got off the edge of the bed to a standing position using the zimmer, I have a hospital bed so can raise the height to make standing easier.  I stood for a few seconds and the next thing I knew was that bedside cabinets make really uncomfortable pillows. My legs had collapsed under me and the pain was excruciating. Heather got me laying flat but we knew I couldn't get back up. I have no strength what so ever now. So we called international rescue which arrived within minutes. It came in the shape of our two daughters who between themselves and Heather managed to get me from floor to mattress as stress free as possible. They settled me back in bed made tea and departed in about fifteen minutes I thanked them and they told me it's all part of the service. TBC
When I started to write this piece it was Tuesday night as I lay in bed. It is now Wednesday and I am awaiting my brother so this may well get cut short again.
Sunday I took things gentle. Up late at about twelve but at least I was up.  This brought us to Monday, well apart from aching arms and legs from being man handled into bed by the females in my life. I was not suffering any ill effects of my horizontal time in the bedroom. Bruises invariably don't surface until I have forgotten how I got them so at the moment I will keep taking the painkillers and put Saturday night down to experience. Now where are those painkillers?

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