Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Bacon and brie sandwich at Ramsgate Boating Pool Cafe

Did I mention our son is home for a week from Qatar. He is absolutely overflowing with the place. He loves it out there but obviously it is a different lifestyle to what he had when he lived her in Margate. So this morning we took him out for an English breakfast. I like bacon in all of its shapes and sizes and have said before my favourite bacon sarnies are either the Sea view Cafe at Tankerton or the Boating Pool cafe at Ramsgate. We settled on Ramsgate. I was late up and we were all hungry so the closer that we decided on meant the faster we were going to get food.
The boating pool is on the Ramsgate West cliff esplanade near to Pugins a house The Grange which was his home and is open to the public.
The reason I personally like eating there is the care they put into a simple sandwich. Hand cut proper bread decent bacon although it is only two slices against the three rashers at Tankerton. And a small amount of salad! Wasted on me and my son but Heather ate hers and picked the tomato from ours (she is welcome to it) and they aren't stingy with the brie. The coffee was good and the staff are welcoming. I chatted with the locals as the others ordered and then we all sat staring at the extensive menu, no wonder it is always busy.
The boats were being got ready for the Easter rush and the boating pool itself was being refilled and tidied up after being out of bounds for the winter. They like countless others around the coast are prepared for the summer season lots of places close down during the quieter winter months but I am pleased to say neither of my favourites Tankerton or Ramsgate close during the winter months giving HEATHER and I somewhere to go and now we have the Wheelchair accessible car life is so much easier.

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