Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tankerton for bacon sandwiches

It has been cold and miserable since the New Year and I have only had two trips out this year. The first was for a hair cut and shave at the barber's and I was out of the house for about an hour, hardly worth the effort but a very great mate of mine would have described me as looking like an out of work poet, I needed that trip to the barber's! The other trip was to the Boating Pool cafe in Ramsgate. The home of doorstep bacon sarnies, but when I was there a fortnight ago I opted for a delicious Cornish pasty. I doubt it had ever been to Cornwall but it was delicious all the same.
A proper bacon Sandwich
So today the second day of February we went out for a ride in search of the elusive bacon sarnie. The home of what I consider to be the best bacon sarnies is the innocuous looking Sea view cafe on Tankerton slopes. Sat atop the slopes looking out to sea I am sure it harks back to the 1920's and boy do they make a mean bacon sandwich! Doorstep cut brown wholemeal bread full of seeds and stuff three rashers of thick bacon all washed down with coffee. We sat in the car, it's just to much trouble getting the wheelchair out and it was blowing up a storm so I sat tite and Heather headed out and came back armed with sandwiches. Phil who so often rides shotgun with us on our jaunts out carried the teas and coffee and I can say three happy bunnies Sat munching away letting out delightful sighs.
I love living here in Margate so many nice places to eat but in this post I have mentioned what I consider to be the two best purveyors of bacon sandwiches in the area. And anyone else reading this if you are a cafe owner and think it is good enough to sell rubbish bacon in between two slices of cheap supermarket white bread, think again we drove twenty miles today to get a decent, nah an excellent bacon sandwich and probably passed a dozen cafes. It was because we wanted great food not mediocre.

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  1. Yup, I lived in Cornwall for about ten years and I couldn't get a proper pasty outside the county. Last month I ordered a dozen from a bakery in deepest Kerrier. Now I can have a XL steak pasty every week for dinner.
    Deep Satisfaction.


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