Saturday, 4 February 2017

Taking it easy after yesterdays catheter drama

I was exhausted after all the drama of the blocked catheter. Any upset to my balancing act with life with Multiple Sclerosis seems to lead to my whole body going rigid and yesterday was no exception. My legs are the first sign of problems and at times trying to move around in a wheelchair with legs sticking out and as rigid as an ironing board can present one or two problems. I did manage to move after a few hours sleep and actually got into the shower and spend a couple of hours downstairs last night. When I woke this morning my first thoughts were I need painkillers but here we are now at twelve thirty and I have managed without any but I think that may change shortly!! I am sitting here with the laptop and one eye on Football Focus. I have been emailing and on twitter (I love Twitter) and I am now starting to ache so maybe I will sign off and do even less than what I have already. MS is so frustrating people often say GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS all I want is some good hours.

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