Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Life on Fair Isles

Anyone see the programme on BBC FOUR tonight about living on the Fair Isles? What a wonderful place one only about sixty people living on the island. They need more people and young people who are going to leave kids. I don't fit into those categories Heather and I have had our children and they are producing their own families. It looked fantastic being there with just sheep and puffins for company but each person who is there holds down numerous jobs. And stuck a four hour ferry tide away from anywhere remotely (no pun intended) built up you are on your own.
Now in my early sixties it seems idyllic but as a twenty or thirty year old would I have been able to cope with all that isolation? I can say yes now because I won't even be able to get there let alone quality for the criteria. But rose coloured glasses are great to look through when you are at my age. I hope people take up the challenge and relocate there, I know that it won't be me.

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