Friday, 10 February 2017

Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Yep I am laying here in bed reliving the food I ate earlier. Tomorrow is Heathers Birthday and this evening we had Chinese for Dinner. Nothing exceptionally spicy but boy am I paying for it now. I suffer with heartburn and reflux but tonight's is painful. I always have suffered as do my brother's and sister. Dad was always sucking Rennies so I think it is safe to say it runs in the family. I have prescription medication every day and also use Peptac which is extremely effective. I used to take Gaviscon on prescription and one day got a telephone call from our GP saying Peptac is the same but much less expensive. Ever since I have used Peptac. Gaviscon is slightly sweeter and better tasting but for that you pay about nine pounds for a 600ml bottle Peptac is around three pound for a 500ml bottle. Which means about six quid more. Now I don't have to many spare six quids to waste, in fact I try not to waste money full stop. So if like me you suffer with indigestion and heartburn save your money by changing brands.

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