Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Feeling unwell been asleep virtually all day

Last night I wasn't feeling the full ticket, not ill just a but under the weather. It had been a busy day people in and out the wheelchair repair man came and repaired the wheelchair (with a name like wheelchair repair what else did I think he repaired) or daughter called in after netball late evening so it was a full on day and I thought I was just tired! About two AM. I woke up freezing cold but running a temperature. I took two painkillers and settled back down for a very unsettled night.
This morning Heather came in as normal and I told her I was feeling awful and started the Day off with yet more painkillers as well as my normal medication. I decided to stay in bed (I could hardly move) it seemed the safest place. So after breakfasting on porridge I settled back down. Heather woke me a few times throughout the day but I have managed to sleep pretty much all day. It is now 11:30pm. And I have been awake since 7:30pm. I am about to settle back down and no doubt sleep until the morning. What has caused this blip? Was it my multiple sclerosis or a bug? I don't know why I have slept all day but I do know that I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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