Friday, 3 February 2017

Blocked catheter and district nurse

After a fantastic day yesterday I should have known that there would be a price today. I was feeling uncomfortable and like I need a poo. I got to the bathroom and my pants were wet. With a supra pubic catheter I shouldn't be passing water that way. I knew I had a problem. Heather got the wash kit out a container of sterile water to squeeze into the catheter to clear any blockage. Nothing! It was blocked solid. Time to call for assistance, time to call the district nurse's. Heather called the nurses number and within ten minutes she was here. By this time the pain had set my MS off into overdrive and I could hardly move. Getting from the bathroom and into the bedroom was a mission, a real thing of beauty involving wheelchair and lots of pushing and shoving. Eventually I was on the bed and within minutes the catheter change had been done but I couldn't move, nothing for it I needed pain killers and sleep. It's now twelve hours later and I have been in the shower had some dinner and am back in bed after six hours of sleep I did manage to get up and showered my movements are awful but hopefully by tomorrow I wall be better.  Here's to hope and to the NHS  it's blooming marvellous.
Part two.
I was hoping that after a good night's sleep my body would have calmed down. No such luck! This morning I could hardly lift my head. No way Jose! Not a chance of getting out of bed. I slept all day so Heather just left me and did Grandma things teaching bike riding and walks along the prom. Margate is beautiful whatever the weather or time of year. When Heather and I were just together some forty years ago I said I liked Margate better in the winter, no crowds and it seems like you have got all of that seaside charm and beauty all to yourselves. Well there was me in bed and her and our grandson out enjoying Thanets winter wonderland, I was asleep so didn't know what she was up to.
Eventually she returned home and I need to go to the bathroom. I may be ill but bodily functions stop for no one. This presents us with a problem. One large immovable object, me and a landing to cross. Eventually I am in the wheelchair, unless you have ever had legs that refuse point blank to move you will not appreciate just how heavy a single leg is Heather has no need for a gym subscription! And then she has it all to do again on the return journey.
I am still in bed, l have spent the evening watching television and now I am here wide awake and I can hear Heather asleep in her room. Blooming Multiple Sclerosis messes with you in so many ways. It just takes the slightest thing to upset you and you are laid up. I am in a wheelchair all the time but if you can't get out of bed even that little modicum of independence is robbed away by the beast that is MS I don't care anymore, it cannot rob me of anything else. I just go with the flow bobbing about in the stream, sometimes the stream is in full flood and I am bashed about and other times I am in a quiet back water close to the bank but the bank of the stream is so steep I can never get out, I just keep going downstream not knowing what is coming next. 

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