Sunday, 22 January 2017

Snooker finished what can I do now

Anybody else been watching the Snooker Masters? as I am typing this Ronnie O'Sullivan is about to win beating Joe Perry unless the snooker gods have other plans. Well over the last week I have managed to stay indoors hiding from the cold January weather. For years I worked outside roofing and general building works and the cold never bothered me but now stuck in a wheelchair and hardly able to move I feel the cold weather and plead insanity if Heather wants me to go out. No not me insane but her she must be mad if she thinks I am swapping my nice warm living room for the cold outside. My radiator may get lonely and nobody would like to see that would they?? ALL SAY NO.
I am home alone tonight, our daughters have kidnapped their mum and are torturing her in the local cinema. LaLa Land in case your interested! I am not interested but happen to have overheard telephone calls. I try and avoid the cinema the last time I went involved a BFG and lots of children including our Grandsons. Its not that I don't like kids but two hundred kids in an enclosed space for any length of time is never going to end well on that occasion if my memory serves me correctly on two threw up, what do they feed kids to make them smell that bad?? Maybe it is just a special half term  diet. So I digress I wanted to know if you have any plans to mean I can avoid the cold weather, maybe I can paint spots on like kids do to avoid school.
Don't think this little girl will fool anyone 

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  1. The photo with the girl with the spots on her face made me smile, Don! LOL! So cute! And I totally comprehend your feelings about a large amount of children! I, too, love children, but that many...yikes! :) Thank you so much for your reciprocal visit and kind comment on my blog post today. I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and you are welcome to visit any time. I am also 60 going on 17. I hope you have a great week!


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