Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ramsgate walk in the January Sunshine

You know how sometimes your plans just go out of the window? Today was one of those days! We had got up I had breakfast coffee etc and we planned to head out to Westwood to Primark for some slippers for Heather. As they say the best laid plans etc well we were just putting my coat on and the phone rang. It was Heather's sister she needed a bit of help. She has only just got home from a stay in hospital so off we went and collected our friend Phil on the way because he is good with televisions, her BT Television box wouldn't work so I sat in the car (the wheelchair wont go up her steps) they got on with the relevant chores and guess what? after they were finished we headed out in search of bacon sandwiches. Ramsgate Boating Lake Cafe was the agreed destination. We always start such trips with who wants to go for coffee (silly question but you have to start somewhere) we knew coffee was code for bacon sandwiches and the best ones are either Ramsgate or Tankerton. Ramsgate won.
Summer time photo

I actually ended up with a pasty most unusual choice for me but I had eaten breakfast only an hour before and the bacon sandwiches come with salad and crisps and are doorstep slices of nice bread. Hmm most unlike me but I settled for a pasty and milky coffee. The others decided to abstain and only had coffee making me the piggie but I had to share with Heather she has always said no I don't want anything and then looks at me with those puppy dog eyes until I give in. When I used to do cooked breakfast on a Sunday for the family she would always say no I don't want anything and then eat half of mine so I would always cook her a breakfast but it would be on my plate and she thinks I am the silly one. Well pasty eaten coffees drunk we went for walk. There are some slopes down the cliffs onto the Western Undercliffe stupid name if you ask me. I used to go fishing along there years ago and had varied success but that is another story. We walked back towards the harbour and then in the opposite direction towards Pegwell. We came up the Chine and went through the gardens towards Pegwell Village. All in all it was a very nice walk of about three miles (they both have fitbits  and are in constant competition) I came up against some missing drop curbs so probably travel further than the two of them but I  don't have a Fitbit
This is the path we went down but the picture is about 100 years old

It was a cold but enjoyable walk and I had wrapped up hat gloves and scarf  and the warm January sunshine had made all the difference. Yesterday it was below zero most of the day but today in the sunshine I recon it reached eight degrees in the sheltered spots and with virtually no wind I has a fantastic walk, the first one of the year.
I used to drive down there!!

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