Sunday, 15 January 2017

Miracle cures for all disabilities

We have all seen the headline MIRACLE MAN WALKS AGAIN AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS! Fantastic but when you drill down on the facts he is wired up to an array of equipment and isn't really walking  etc etc. All these cures are a bit like the medicine men that had a wagon going from town to town in the wild west movies I watched as a boy peddling hope. Each bit of hope contains a modicum of truth and eventually get enough modicum' s you may get a break through.
I have had multiple sclerosis for over twenty five years and I can remember one specialist saying to me “we can't cure it yet but one day we will, maybe not in our lifetimes but eventually" not much good for me but great for those that fit into the eventually category. There are all manor of illnesses that are now incurable cancer being the biggest and each of those modicum' s of truth or knowledge science gains is heading towards that day when we can say we have beaten that which disables us.

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