Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Awful few weeks MS or Medication?

We all know how notoriously difficult it is with Multiple Sclerosis to diagnose any changes in your condition. Is it the weather or have you over done things. Is the new medication you are taking working against you rather than for you? when do you give up and say I am out of my depth I need help from a professional? For me that time came yesterday. Over the last few weeks I have been slowly getting less active and when I use the word active I only manage about twenty to thirty steps per day so any form of less is massively significant . I had started driving the wheelchair up to my bed where as normally I park on the landing and use the zimmer frame for the last few steps. In the mornings I have been unablen to use the zimmer to cross the landing to the bathroom. Heather has been taking me across in the wheelchair. Not a significant change but to me it has been enormous.
The only thing in my life that had changed was pain management I had started a new course of drugs to cut the relentless pain I get. It is not what I call real pain which is the pain you get when you take a lump out of your hand with a hammer. The pain I am talking about is like background noise and what is more it is relentless. Two days ago I was unable to move after  getting out of the shower it took about half an hour to get back into the wheelchair.
Much to my wifes annoyance I stopped taking the new tablets (I wont name them because everyone reacts differently to medication) Well here we are two days later and things are almost as before background noise pain and able to move with the zimmer. Oh the only difference is I have shaved my beard off.

I used a razor

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