Sunday, 4 December 2016

Snooker has finished what can I do now?

I hope you have all been busy watching the snooker over the last two weeks? I have loved it, every afternoon fast asleep er no sitting in my wheelchair avidly watching snooker. I must admit to a few lapses in concentration and catching a few zs. I even lost two frames of this afternoons final. But I had taken painkillers and they make me sleepy! Mark Selby made a fantastic champion and now it has finished what can I do? I am going to try and improve my painting skills, that won't be difficult because my skill is zero so getting paint to paper  Will be an improvement. Also I have charged the camera battery so all I  need is some enthusiasm for either painting or photography.
My son suggested I take pictures of my paintings which will cover all bases! I haven't been out for a couple of weeks so with this week set dry and Heather over her flu we might try and visit somewhere quiet and have a bacon sandwich or maybe some fish and chip's. See the world is our oyster!

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