Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Been to see consultant about pain

I try and carry on regardless I have had multiple sclerosis for getting on twenty-five years and I try and fight it, don't let the bastard get you down type of thing. But lately I have been in a lot of pain. To me the only time you complain about pain is if you hit your thumb with a hammer when bashing in four inch nails, the you end up with a lump out of your hand and some blood to show for your pain. I don't show pain not even when I fell off a ladder and had bone sticking out of my shin, "just a skin wound I can carry on". But of late I have been knocking back painkillers like smarties. I hurt, I hurt all over nagging constantly away at me. Not a real pain no blood or Gore to show for the constant never ending throb. I I stop to consider where it hurts it's all over. Some places hurt more than others at different times. It is relentless it don't go away but although it hurts and I am taking tablets to take the edge off it will it go away? no.
I spoke to the MS consultant when I last went for my botox injections and she referred me to see this pain man. Well along the way the lines got crossed. I ended up with two different appointments for two different places. One was for group therapy, pain is an individual thing and I know the expression "a problem shared is a problem halved" but when it comes to the throbbing pain under my skin I don't think talking about it will help. Can you imagine it, sitting round in a room like the local branch of Alcoholic anonymous and say "hi my name is Don and hurt"!!! Not for me, sharing might be caring but I want to get rid of the pain I know talking about it won't make it hurt less.
So on Tuesday I ended up at outpatients in Canterbury hospital seeing a very nice man who gas given me some anti epilepsy drugs to try and shut down the nerves that are hurting. All the other stuff I have tried has had horrendous side effects and he said don't start on them until after Christmas because he didn't want me having problems that spoil Christmas. Nice. So that's me all up to date. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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