Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wheelchair adapted vehicle WAV is good

We have only had the new car (it is second hand but new to us) for two weeks but I have been out loads. We have had two picnics a couple of shopping trips and today we have been out twice. Heathers sister has been transferred to Canterbury last and today she needed some bits which entailed a trip to Marks and Spencer's then we came home for lunch before heading off to Canterbury. I was asleep before we  had got to Margate seafront! As usual the hospital car park was full and after driving round for fifteen minutes we opted for yellow lines outside and put the blue badge up. Heather sister was fine and we had a nice time with her and some of her friends, we actually went to the coffee shop rather than disturb the other patients on the ward. Once again I slept on the way home. Canterbury was a gridlock and we came home via Faversham. Evidently I was still asleep when we arrived home and Heather left me in the car for ten minutes before retrieving me.
Not having to struggle getting in and out of the care with the constant fear of falling is great. Just staying in the electronic wheelchair makes it so easy I don't mind going out and joining the normal people even in supermarkets (isn't it cold in the chilled food isles?) Tomorrow we are picking the youngest Grandson up from school. Something I don't get to do very often, he will be surprised to see me there. This WAV is making my life so much better I came recommend it Wheelchair adapted vehicles are fantastic. The are another adaptation to make disability and being disabled better and I am so grateful we have ours.

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