Thursday, 17 November 2016

Unable to bear weight after my fall

I know that it has only been a week since my fall in the bathroom but my legs still refuse to walk. Yes I told you I only do a few dozen steps but now after my tumble I am unable to do even one step. Which makes transfers to and from my wheelchair very interesting! I normally park the wheelchair on the landing and come into bed with my zimmer frame but where my hurt so much I am unable to do even that. If things don't improve I will phone the GP next week, I said yesterday that I thought I had an infection but I decided to wait and see how things pan out but now I am regretting that decision. Still what's a few more days of feeling rough between friends?
Been an odd sort of day weather wise here in Margate and things are not looking much better for the next few days still if I am feeling grott I would hate for the weather to be nice. Night folks I hope you are all doing better than I am.

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