Sunday, 20 November 2016

Two weeks since I fell over

You wouldn't believe that it was almost two weeks ago that I had my fall in the bathroom. That floor is so hard! yesterday was the first time I managed to cross the landing admittedly it was slow  but my days of walking at a brisk pass are long gone. Tonight getting from the landing to my bed was awful. I gripped that zimmer frame so hard I was convinced that it said ouch. the distance travelled through the door and to the edge of my bed is less than six feet and it took me around five minutes.  NOT a marathon pace but compared to being in bed unable to move it is  faire whizzing along.  Yep I know that it was the end of the Day and all that but I thought I was getting better. Still with the weather forecast set to rain as a default this coming week it don't look as if I will be getting much chance at outdoor activities this week. I will have to get the paints out and see if I am capable of doing a masterpiece!
Friends of ours are due to move to Scotland shortly so I don't think me complaining about the weather will cut the mustard with them I saw pictures of snow up North on the tellie tonight.  I have been told last night saw the first storm of the Winter but I slept through it and it's 88mph. winds. Night folks from a calm and tranquil Margate.

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