Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Oh what a wonderful morning oh what a wonderful day

The title I have just learned is a misquote of the opening song from Oklahoma (learned from searching Google). I have never to the best of my knowledge seen the film so the lyrics have been absorbed by osmosis and the only thing I know about osmosis is that you don't want it in the hull of a fibreglass boat evidently if you do get it you no longer have a floaty boaty but a sinkie shipie not a very good trait in a floaty boaty. It makes it a sinkie Mcboaty Face.
That is a rather long introduction to today's post which basically is about the weather. This morning I had another slow start, Heather works on the assumption that if I am in bed I ain't going to get into to much trouble. So seeing as she had a school run and then a trip to work run for school runs mum it meant that I stayed in bed until after ten. By the time I was showered and dressed it was just before twelve and despite the Sun shining bright and the blue sky you could tell it was blooming freezing cold outside and to top the cold off it was blowing a gale. The back end of some storm who's name escapes me. Why do storms get names now? Does it make them more user friendly when filling in the insurance company forms. My Volvo was crushed by the oak tree blown over by storm Simon! Or Simon sucked the roof off of our house as he proceeded toward Acacia Ave where he blew the vicars chimney onto the number nine bus.
All rather odd if you ask me, but as per usual no one ever asked m for my opinion. If you had asked me about today I would have looked out of the window and burst into song. Yes the afore mentioned Rodgers and Hammerstein movie number. But I would have been safely ensconced inside behind double glazed windows and being kept warm and toastie sat beside the radiator. Heather having actually been outside reliably informed me if was flipping freezing cold and that the wind was so lazy it didn't bother going round people it just went straight through them.  So according to Heather my view on the world was as all of my other views on things was wrong! Somethings never change then.

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