Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Multiple Sclerosis fatigue flattens me

My day started the same as any other day. My wife Heather made tea and we listened to the Chris Evans breakfast show. She got into the shower but here is where today was different, I turned the radio off and went back to sleep. Evidently Heather came in and found me snoring and left me sleeping while she sorted the washing and did stuff like that. She came up to wake me and get me showered about ten. I declined and she left to do some shopping. She tried to get me up on her return but my body was having none of it. I actually slept all day, waking only for the odd glass of water.
Fatigue and multiple sclerosis seem to be great bed fellows. Ask most sufferers what is the hardest thing about the disease and the will tell you fatigue! It is way beyond exhaustion it is off the scale. I slept all night and all day. Yes I am awake now at 12:20am  but will soon be asleep again. I have been awake approximately four hours, and am now struggling to keep my eyes open. So night night. I am feeling sleepy, tomorrow as they say is another day.

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