Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Oops had a fall again

It's been a few months since my last one but this one has hurt. I slipped in the bathroom and had to be rescued by our neighbour. He and Heather got me up and onto a chair and from the chair on to a wheelchair and then into bed. I must have pulled some muscles as my knees are not only bruised but swollen. I have been asleep for around fourteen hours and am just fighting going again. The shock messes with my body and exhausts me. So signing off for now.
Early evening and just woken. Not hurting as much as earlier so may try and sit in the chair. All this from something that took a split second to happen. Take care folks.
Well it is now Thursday morning and tried to stand earlier and my right leg won't take my weight so am back in bed. So much for it getting better. I have just called the doctor. I know that I tore some muscles or ligaments but do I strap the knee or what would be best I would like some advice. And there is me going to see Doctor Hook at the Marlowe at Canterbury tomorrow.

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