Thursday, 17 November 2016

How multiple sclerosis has messed with me this week

I wrote previously about my fall last week. It is still messing with my body. Last week I could walk in a fashion with my zimmer frame the approx twelve feet across the landing to the bathroom. After the fall I spent a couple of days in bed and when I did manage to finally get out of bed my legs wouldn't move. I mean no way they won't budge. So for the last four days or so Heather has been getting me into the wheelchair and wheeling me across. Tonight I feel as if I have been run over by a bus. My arms ache my joints ache and my fingers feel like they have been replaced with some sausages! My urine stinks so first thing tomorrow I am onto the doctor for a urine test. This has come as a bit of a surprise as for the last two years I have been infection free. Ever since I had the supa pubic catheter fitted as a replacement for the ureatheral one I have stopped having infections.
The supa pubic catheter has been a dream, I went from urine infection virtually every month and often being hospitalised to no infections well maybe three in two years! So having had this awful feeling almost constant it is a real shock. In the past it has been so bad I was unable to lift my head off the bed and was rigid from head to toe, that was really scary the first couple of times but like everything you cope with it. But after two years it has snuck up on me and sort of jumped out from behind wardrobe. MS is the disease that keeps on giving, never a dull moment. To be continued.......

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