Thursday, 3 November 2016

Disabled? Try painting my new remedy for multiple sclerosis,

I asked for some paints for my birthday, the ideal present for the man who has everything including primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis! I haven't painted a picture since I was in art class back in the late 60s. Well I got the paints, my sister in law bought me a set of Winsor Newton water colours but not having a brush in the house narrower than a three inch brush for glossing doors and skirting I was stumped. I couldn't get out anywhere for some time after my birthday so it was last week before I was able to get to The Range stock up on brushes and watercolour paper. Today I managed to get some time to myself and devoted it to playing with the paints. When shopping last week I also treated myself to some acrylics. I have never encountered acrylics before and spent a pleasant couple of hours this afternoon messing about with them. I am an awful artist. No honest I kid yeah not truly awful, but art is in the eye of the beholder and this beholder created some truly impressive art work today. So good in fact I won't burn it before I put it in the bin. It really was truly awful but I enjoyed doing it and it exhausted me. I was absolutely knackered by the time I had finished, the mental strain really tired me out.
I had to concentrate so much just painting a straight line and painting the alphabet well that was so strenuous I had to rest before going on to numbers. They reason behind this sudden interest in painting follows on from taking up drawing earlier in the year, I need to improve my fine motor skills. Multiple Sclerosis is the illness that keeps giving and as well as taking away my ability to walk get dressed and undressed pee and poo it is restricting movement in my hands. Why using my hand to paint is going to delay loosing  the use of my hands I don't know swimming walking and exercise has not delayed the loss of the use in my legs so why will painting and drawing delay the losses in my hands I don't know but I am enjoying myself so I don't care. Well if exposing my lack of artistic talent is enjoyment then enjoyment it is. Anything that fills my days and occupies my days is fine by me and now other than the occasional purchase of consumables my new found hobby is low cost. Yes it would be great to have hand made paper and sable hair brushes but at the lower levels of rubbish talent I feel no need for such niceties better brushes won't improve my artwork the only thing capable of that is a better body and all the while MS is incurable I am going to be a crap artist.
So that has been my foray into watercolour painting even if I did use acrylics I watered them down with H2o. Maybe one day I will paint something that I feel good enough to share with the world, but after today's attempt don't hold your breath in anticipation.
One last question before you go What Is Art ??  I had to google it and I am pretty sure what I am doing isnt.


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