Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Check out your home insurance for disabled adaptations

I was laying in bed one morning last week thinking about stuff, the meaning of life etc. and then the great revelation came. It was like a thunder bolt kerzam it just hit me right between the eyes. IS MY THROUH FLOOR LIFT INSURED ON MY HOME INSURANCE?  Not my normal early morning thought they usually consist of plans of the days food or plans for expedition in hunt of bacon sandwiches! No home insurance is not my normal through process but it scared me. If for any reason it was damaged in a household misadventure I would be stuck. I can no longer negotiate the stairs and a stairlift is not a safe option I need the lift, I was worried enough to call my insurance company and inquire. And all is well the lift is covered under my existing policy but I would advise you to check. Insurance is a funny thing, very rarely do we think about it and after the event it is far to late. So check it out!

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