Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Carers make such a difference

Heather is my wife and my carer, she does everything for me. I cannot get out of bed or dressed without her and today she had a day in bed. I was in bed until twelve when with super human strength she got me dressed and sent me downstairs. She made me a coffee and a bowl of porridge and took herself back to bed. I sat and watched snooker and our son in law came in tonight with a curry and made drinks washed up etc. Then other daughter popped in with milk and bread. Heather has just got me into bed and is back in her own bed now. I wrote about this not for sympathy but to hi lite the work that family carers do day in day out for love, yes she gets carers allowance which if worked out hourly would be pennies. She does it for love as do millions of others. Just think what a mess the care system would be in if families didn't shoulder the work load. I for one would be in a mess. God bless all the carers.

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