Monday, 3 October 2016

Walk to Cliftonville, haircut and count ships

Yep the title pretty well sums up my day. I have needed my hair cutting for a week or more and today was fine dry and warm so we decided to walk to Cliftonville and visit the hairdressers. We went to our normal one but no joy they had no slots for over an hour and a half and we were a bit pushed on time. Having put in the effort, well Heather did the physical effort mine is more mental effort, keeping myself in the wheelchair and not crossing in front of any cars or lorries! We decided to try another barber's and trundled along to the on me near Saint Paul's Church I think it is called Hasains or Nazers or something. The lad who cut my hair said he was going back home to Turkey so I imagine they are Turkish, powers of deduction I should have been a detective. Well I had a haircut and a beard trim and he shaves with an open or cut throat razor and it was fantastic, I have a mate who is a barber himself who travels from Whitstable to have a shave and hot towel facial so maybe they have gained another customer.
We left the barber's and headed towards the sea so I could count the number of ships, twelve if you are interested. We then headed back home as Heather was needed on Grandson duty. Half way towards home the grandson duty was cancelled. Still it introduced me to the delights of a Turkish shave and taught me never to have a nostril wax, the screams of the lad foolhardy enough to think it a good idea will live with me for a long time. I may have changed barber's but call me old fashioned if you like but I am not into waxing. 

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