Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Learning to paint with water colours

I wrote earlier in the year that I had got myself a journal and was trying to write and draw well I have now gone one step further, I received a set of water colour paints for my birthday. I had asked for them so it wasn't that much of a surprise but when I got them but I didn't have a brush. Oh I have house paining brushes in the basement from my life before MS yes I used to be capable of climbing ladders and painting windows and gutters but there is no ladders out there designed for wheelchair based house painters. The brushes I wanted didn't measure in inches and they had fewer hairs. Due to circumstances I have not managed to get to the shops and ordered a set of brushes from ebay. Well it was actually three packs of WH Smiths brushes sold for one pound fifty. It may sound like I am a cheapskate but I intend going out and doing an art shop for all the stuff I need.

My Pint set

My first attempt at art since school 45 years ago

I wanted to paint a get well card ( I had to send it coloured by pencils) because the brushes arrived to late. You can see my first attempt in the second picture, it is a discarded practice of the card I drew. So what I need to do is get out and purchase some supplies for my new hobby.

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