Sunday, 30 October 2016

Disability and wheelchair accessible car makes walk easier

What a beautiful day here in Margate. A bit of sea mist, well actually more than a bit I couldn't see the wind turbines nor many ships . But when the Sun did manage to burn it's way through the clouds it was very warm for the last weekend in October. Now that we have a wheelchair accessible car or WAV as it is described on car websites it makes getting out so much easier. I even joined Heather on a trip round Sainsbury last week, previously I might have gone with he but sat in the car park whilst she got to visit the wonderful delights of the chosen supermarket. See not having to transfer into the wheelchair has made my life not only much safer but opened whole new horizons to me.
Today's horizons were not shopping based but brisk sea walks. We headed over to Deal and parked at Walmer near to the castle and headed back towards Deal. I had my camera with me and was able to snap away to my hearts content. Beach huts, benches (I love a photo of a bench) the lifeboat station and the fishermen shacks maybe they were to posh to be shacks but I am using poetic licence here. We got almost to the Martello tower before heading back to the car and a picnic lunch. Nothing exciting nor expensive but to Heather and I being able to do such a thing was priceless. My MS has got to the stage where I am unsafe transferring from car to wheelchair and had all but given up going out so the wav has transformed our lives, even if that transformation means the occasional trip to Sainsbury. (I actually quite like it but don't tell Heather)I wonder where we will go tomorrow.

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