Monday, 31 October 2016

Catheter change

My catheter has made my life so different. We worked it out today it must have been over eight years ago that I was first using an intermittent catheter. Self administered catheter to ensure my bladder was fully emptied, then I had an indwelling catheter, a ureatheral one. I had lots of problems with that. I had regular infections and every time the nurse came to change it I was hospitalized due to bleeding. The nurses must have detested me. Well about four years ago I had a supa pubic catheter put in, it was done under General anesthetic. Fantastic, over night I went from countless urine infections to maybe one a year. So if you suffer like I did with bladder problems do not despair, ask your GP to refer you to a continence nurse and hopefully you will be as lucky as me and you will get your life back. Multiple Sclerosis messes with your body and has taken away my functions I can't pee and I can't poo but the continence nurse has given me the ability to overcome those problem.

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