Friday, 8 July 2016

Today was payback for going out and enjoying myself

The alarm goes off at seven thirty virtually every day and today was no exception. Heather makes the tea, all of our married life I always made her tea in bed up until I became to disabled to do it. At the end we used to bring a tray consisting of teapot milk etc to bed and have a kettle beside the bed but eventually I had to admit defeat and now Heather makes me tea in bed! This morning we were expecting the man to service the boiler so Heather took her tea into the bathroom and then onto getting dressed. When she returned with her empty cup evidently I was fast asleep my tea untouched and I do remember  jumping out of my skin when she spoke to me. I drank my tea and said wake me in half an hour, yeah like half an hour was going to make a difference. I eventually rose at three pm. Courtesy of having the audacity to go out yesterday and eat bacon and brie sandwiches and try and be a grown-up. It's just after eleven o'clock now so night folks speak tomorrow that is if I can stay awake tong enough.

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