Friday, 15 July 2016

Sitting watching the Open Golf

Here's me sitting in my wheelchair watching the Open and reminiscing when I was a lad. I must have been about thirteen or fourteen years old and to top up my income (I worked at the local Market and at the butchers shop) I decided to give caddying a go. One of my school mates earned a few bob doing it so off I go early on a Sunday morning. I rode my bike to the local golf club and offered my services to a group of chaps and I went off carrying these golf clubs for some bank clerk.  His mates all had trolleys I was carrying his bag and giving him his clubs. All morning I trudged around with these clubs and come the 19th hole time we all went to load clubs into the cars and get paid. The Banker put his hand in his pocket and came out with fifty pence  which he gave me and walked off to his two mates as they entered the club house. As they met up I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder and he turns and is greeted by me offering his fifty pence back back. He looked puzzled and I said to him by way of explanation "You best have this fifty pence back you obviously need it more than me" His mates creased up laughing and he dug out his wallet and gave me a pound note which was the going rate and told me to keep the fifty pence as a tip. After that I used to stand in the car park offering my services by going up to prospective employers as the got their clubs out of  cars  say "Caddy Sir A Pound a Round" never saw the banker again but his two mates always laughed whenever I saw them.
Royal Troon a million miles from our local club
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American Caddy Girls
whilst looking for a picture of a golf caddy I found the last picture of caddy girls on the DH Caddy Club all I can say is caddys were not like that in my day, maybe I will take up golf again

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