Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday Blues

After yesterdays sleep fest today I was awake nice and early and read and checked a few blog plus won several games of cards before Heather woke up this morning. Heather got me up showered and dressed I have had my breakfast. I have read the paper I have read the magazine and I have looked at all of the associated junk mail that comes with the paper. I have drawn a picture in my sketch book and I am now on the laptop. I am fed up. Everything I touch goes wrong I dropped the pencils and broke the lead I snaked a crayon in half and when I was trying to free the lead for the laptop from its prison all the books and papers that I was so desperately  trying not to tip onto the floor ended up there anyhow. Why didn't I ask Heather just to get the laptop? It would have been easier and nothing would have ended up on the floor and she wouldn't have had to clear up after me AGAIN. She had to pick up the pencils and crayons bu at least I hadn't dropped the whole case of 72 again (it was a nightmare getting them all back ito their little recesses). I try and do stuff so she isn't doing everything but as you can see the more I do to 'help' the more work she gets. I now feel sad, not for me but for her, she never moans well not a lot she just does everything. I want to be the one who does stuff for my wife to love and protect her not the other way round but what can you do when your shoes let in water (I have no idea why I use that saying or where I picked it up from) Back to the grindstone whinge over HAVE  A GOOD WEEKEND.

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