Monday, 4 July 2016

Catheter problem

I have had my Supra Pubic Catheter just short of three years and it has been marvellous. I have gone from constant UTI' s and being rushed into hospital if I bled when the nurse came to change my ureatheral catheter to virtually no infections and no problems until yesterday. I hadn't passed much urine array and decided to do a catheter wash thing, basically squirt water down the catheter. I used to get the washes on prescription but not having needed them  for over three years we  called into our chemists on our way home from a trip out. SIX QUID FOR A SINGLE BOTTLE.  That's the price of fifty mil of sterile water and when we got home we had a bottle anyhow! Still better safe than sorry.
By the time we were back home I was in a fair amount of discomfort and squeezing water down the tube never changed anything. Time to call 111 non emergency healthcare and arrange for a district nurse to come see what was going on. I put the phone down from calling 111 and  a few minutes later the out of hours nurses phoned and arranged to call asap.
She came out about eight forty five and changed the catheter. No urine passing just about a cup full?
She phoned another nurse who was replacing her as she was off duty at nine (9:30 by now) and arranged for her to call later and check how I was doing. 11:00 pm. And still not much urine new nurses, the ride in two's during the night  arrived. Takes out catheter and reinserts it and bingo. Then overnight a full night bag full of liquid gold. I was knackered but happy. 

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