Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bacon Sandwiches at Ramsgate

Well I tried the Diet, it lasted for us matter of hours. If you cannot eat bacon sandwiches I will not stick with a diet. Today's bacon sandwiches were at Ramsgate' s Boating pool cafe. And what fantastic sandwiches they were. Doorstep cut bread crusty and about an inch thick, slathered in butter then slices of brie and then back bacon. A bacon and brie sandwich washed down with  a good cup of coffee sitting in the sunshine overlooking the boating pool listening to the ducks quack and kids play. It was delightful, I decided I hadn't eaten there in about twenty years but after today's offering we will be back pretty darn quick and they are open all year round so a winter cafe for us to put on the list. Phil was with us today so after having a second coffee all round we walked along the cliff top. I had read online that phantom knitters had been decorating places and Western Cliffs have been made brighter for their efforts. I had never seen the statue thing called Hands and molecules that Pfizer donated.
The sun by now was getting the better of me so Heather and Phil took it in turns pushing me in the wheelchair and we headed back to the car and judging by the red glow on my face  we made it back before I got sunburned. So Ramsgate' s West Cliff has two good providers of quality bacon sandwiches, the Outlook Cafe  by Putin Abbey and home and the Boating Pool Cafe. We will be returning to visit both again soon but I must remember the Sun cream next time.

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