Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Asda for food and counting the Ships

Big Blue Ship being attacked by tiny sailing boat
I didn't manage to get out at all yesterday, I never got out of bed until almost lunch time and then I had to watch the Grand Prix and then it was time to see Andie Murray win at Wimbledon. Then the evening involved curry and beer as I waited for France to beat Portugal. Well was I in for a disappointing evening wasn't I?  Today I woke up at 06:30am. Heather was still in the land of nod in her room so I  read for a bit and when Heather woke up we had tea and  got the day on the road. After breakfast we headed off to Asda for a bit of food stuff and I chose myself  a camera magazine then we was off for a ride to see the sea. Those of you who read my blogs will know I am always counting the Ships off Margate and this morning I managed to achieve a tally of twelve, the default number is ten so I was pleased. We rode round through Broadstairs Margate and on to Westbrook where we would normally park if we were going to the beach hut but today was windy and if anyone was on the beach they would have needed goggles to stop the sandstorm blinding them. We sat in the car for ten minutes before heading home to have late lunch. I managed to grab forty winks after and then it was time to tune in to see the new Charlie Dimmock gardening show. If people ask me how I fill my day I will tell them that time just evaporates and it does, I don't do anything and I cant do anything  and more importantly I don't care. My days of caring are way past, once I wanted to fight against the MS and carry on working but I had to accept that MS was making my life change and I found it impossible to do what I then regarded as the norm. Now looking back I don't know how I came to terms with the changes multiple sclerosis threw at me in those early day.
Enough doom and gloom, I started out writing this post last night and today has been a stay at home day. Nothing to report for today other than I have spent the day reading and our grandson came for tea and our son and his wife called in this evening.

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