Wednesday, 8 June 2016

No cure for Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

I had a hospital appointment at Canterbury out patients department today. Good trip through to the hospital the roads were very quiet. Parking took a bit of hanging around. I need a disabled space so I can transfer into the wheelchair. It took us about twenty minutes to get a space only to see someone pull up and reverse into a newly vacated space with no hassle, I told him with luck like that he best do the lottery this week. We walked toward the outpatient department and he was met with a torrent of abuse from his dad whom he was collecting. His dad had been seen before time and finished earlier than planned. You can't win sometimes can you?
I had an appointment with Nikki the specialist physiotherapy nurse. Basically there is nothing they can do because all the new disease modifying drugs that people keep telling me are a cure for MS are in fact able to halt it's progression but I  to far gone for them to help me. That folks is the story of my life. I Eamomn Holmes jumped out with his book  I am sure it would read Don you are one unlucky man if it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all.
Still I have been lucky in love and that is what counts. Maybe one day there will be a cure be it stem cell therapy or something else I may not live to see it but MS will one day be a curable disease. I can remember once reading a book about Irish Navvies in the Victorian era digging railway tunnels and cuttings and the main characters favourite saying was There's a good time coming but we may not live to see it.
I must say having Multiple Sclerosis is a bit like that I am getting older and my condition is getting worse but the Day of the cure is getting closer.

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