Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hospital trip exhausts me

I had an appointment at The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital at ten fifty yesterday and seeing it was such a nice day Heather and I decided to walk. It's not far as the crow flies so we set out in plenty of time. Crossing roads in the wheelchair is a whole new experience to me and one I found pleasant. Each time a driver stopped to allow me to cross, even when there was a traffic island for safe haven by the time I had reached it the traffic on the other side had stopped to allow me safe passage. We got to the QEQM in time and I had just opened the copy of Homes and Gardens when my name was called out. Twenty minutes after we were heading back retracing our steps but I chose one different crossing point and discovered no dropped curb! Annoying as it was i made a short detour to find a drive way made no real difference but reminded me that the world for wheelchair user's is far from perfect.
By the time I got home I was exhausted and turned Heathers offer of a trip round Tesco down. But when she got home again I had recovered enough to want to go out so we went to Sandwich and ate Fish n Chips sitting in the car watching the world go bye. I must tell you about the lady and here dog. Car pulls up in front of us lady gets out followed by a border Collie. Off THEY walk dog on lead and we eat our fish n chips. We are just finishing up, Heather has taken rubbish to the bin  as I notice afore mentioned lady and dog heading back towards the car. The dog is no longer on its lead and it bounds up to the rubbish bin and starts to bark and growl at the bin as it dances and circles it. And it's owner walks up after it has been round the bin two or three times barking and growling away. She walks past the dog as it tell the bin off, she opens the car door the dog stops chastising the bin jumps in the car and off they drive. All I can say is it wasn't the midday Sun that was affecting the dog. Odd very odd.

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