Saturday, 25 June 2016

Had a hard day

Yep how hard can it be, just laying in bed sleeping all day? Believe me it is hard, hard mentally, I don't want to be in bed I want to be up and doing stuff but today that wasn't going to happen even after a good eight hours of sleep I woke up and was exhausted. MS really messes with my body I get fatigue were I cannot even lift a leg off the bed, my muscles just refuse to work. In the past I have had to sleep downstairs because I was physically unable to get onto the stairlift. That problem has been resolved with a through floor lift but it still needs me to be able to get out of the wheelchair and undress for bed.
I am due a catheter change next week maybe I have an infection brewing. UTI' s are a major cause of problems with any form of illness but multiple sclerosis loves to mess people with any type of infection. Let's hope I don't have an infection as I am due for more treatment at Kings Hospital on Friday.

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