Sunday, 5 June 2016

Been a funny old week

I am laying in bed writing this thing to recall what has been a funny old week. With Monday being bank holiday it always messes with my brain, it's like when the clocks move either back or forward my brain goes to mush. The Bank Holiday messes me up big time, is today Sunday was a question I asked Heather several times. Then we get that gone and our son George got married on Wednesday. It was just the legal bit day we are celebrating in July so no fuss. A quiet registry office ceremony no rings no photos to mark the occasion. And that was followed by coffee at his now wife's parents and then a meal at the hotel that the ceremony and the blessing  of the rings will take place in.
The sheer fact of getting in and out of the car so many times exhausted me and I spent  Thursday in bed. Friday was a day at home and then early evening we went to Sandwich for fish and chips. Today is Sunday (the real one) and we had one of our daughter's for dinner because their oven decided to break down.
It's now just after eleven and I am knackered. I am not sure where the week went but it has gone and I am looking forward to a bit of peace but Oh no we have a hospital appointment on Wednesday, so much for a peaceful week.

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