Monday, 13 June 2016

Back to bed

I have bee n in bed for over two  days with what in all honesty is  nothing but a common cold. Multiple Sclerosis likes to be in charge of my body and something as simple as a cold has really wrecked my body. I was determined to get up this afternoon after all two days of almost constant sleep is enough for any man. I eventually managed to get onto the edge of the bed and with Heather holding the zimmer I was standing. Yah success oops too soon I fell back on the bed.  This called for plan B the wheelchair. I call it wheelchair because you can sit in it and it has wheels. It is really a commode but it is called a wheelchair in polite society it is the only chair in the bedroom and when the vicar comes to visit me in my sick bed I tell him to sit on the wheelchair, he knows as well as I do that it's a commode but he sits in it and I expect if I asked him he would give me Communion deleted on a commode.
I did eventually manage to get downstairs and watch some of the Spain versus Czechoslovakia match. But now  I am back in bed listening to Patti Smith sing After the Gold rush. I must say I think I prefer Patti dining it. The trouble is the Neil Young is an icon and his rendition is what we all know and have grown up with.and I was fifteen in 1970 when it was released so after forty five years maybe me ears welcomed the new rendition.
I am signing off because I can hardly keep my eyes open. Nite folks

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