Thursday, 5 May 2016

Writing a Journal most days and doing Arty things

I wrote about my trip out to buy some art stuff pencils paper and a Journal a couple of months back CLICK HERE to read about my adventures in The Range they stock a huge range of art and craft material
Most days or of late I have done a sketch in bed to hi-lite a journal post. I said at the time I intended to start keeping a journal, just brief jottings of the days events and a bit of poetry and I have done just that. My fingers are not so clumsy anymore and people can actually read what I have written down. When I started it was all very large print and indecipherable now it is still LARGE but at least those who pick up the journal can  read something even if they cant make out the drawings.
There are thousands of Journals out there ranging for a few quid upwards  and I must admit that several years ago I used to keep one which was just a thirty pence note pad from the local newsagent. When I was working I always used to need a few note pads handy to jot down what I needed to collect from the builders merchant or wood yard. So my first journals were just recycled notepads and most had dimensions of timber needed or workings out for materials for  quotes at the front and then lists of birds seen and a bit of poetry jotted down in the remaining pages.
I now have a nice book with decent paper, thick enough to draw and even paint on. I am proud of my efforts. No one need see them though my son is often picking it up and glancing through it when he calls round. I don't do it for other people though as I say its no secret and I am happy to share with anyone. I have even taken to going on to Youtube and watching artists at work and have learned new skills by doing so, as my soon to be daughter in law  says "every day is a school day" and "you are never to old to learn" you may have guessed she is a school teacher. I am just going to have another little go now because my hands ache when I type. It is the way I sit in the wheelchair with a lap tray and the lap top on top. I am also feeling tired we went out at Lunch Time to West Bay Cafe in Westgate on Sea and sat in the sunshine eating yet more Bacon Sandwiches and drinking coffee. Heather then wheeled me along the prom and  eventually back to the car. We had taken a friend with us so dropped him home before  meeting one of our grandsons from school. His mum was there with his bike and we played silly sods racing from road to road trying to beat him to each junction and then beat him home, he won because we got caught in traffic lights. That made him very happy to beat his Grandma and Grandad plus we had some sweets.
Right a quick mention of a tweeter and blogger I only know as Honestmumma it was because of her blog posts about depression that I keep my journal up to date. You can find her on twitter   
and read her frank and honest blog here :- 
Have a great day from me in a very sunny Margate.

Here is a 1965 image from google of where we had Bacon Sarnies today

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