Friday, 27 May 2016

Twitter is Bonkers but it works for Promoting your business

I am a serial twitter user I have done almost fifty thousand tweets in about seven years. That is seven thousand tweets per year or about six hundred tweets per month which equates to twenty tweets a day everyday. I don't tweet every day so some days I must do more. EEEK how did I become a Twitter addict?  The honest answer is I don't know. But from my expe
rience of Twitter I can say it is for me a relational experience. I tweet about mainly local businesses. I am known by the local social media communities even though I have never met them in person.
I tweet about local stuff and try and promote and support local stuff events or shop openings special offers or events. When I have met locals or maybe member's of my family have mentioned me being the promote Thanet guy I have been warmly regarded. I hope what I do helps the local businesses because I want them to thrive and prosper. I am not a Vulcan I don't actually like Star Trek, but I love Thanet and wish all the people I tweet to as the Star Trek blessing says "live long and prosper" – "dif-tor heh smusma" in the Vulcan language .

When I first discovered Twitter I thought it was bonkers. Who in their right mind can say stuff in one hundred and forty characters and more to the point who is going to read this stuff if you type it. But then seven years ago I wasn't into nor understood Social Media. I still don't understand why it works but what I do know that it does work. I know people who sell lots of stuff via Facebook. And when I say a lot of stuff I mean many hundreds of pound's if not thousands of pounds worth of stock every week via placing photo of their stock in Facebook. And to support Facebook they use Twitter and vice versa.
I used to be a disbelieving cynic. Now I am a fully paid up card carrying believer of the power of Social media.

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