Saturday, 7 May 2016

Seasick Steve session Started out with nothing and still have most of it left

I am sitting here listening to Seasick Steve I first saw him on the Jules Holland Later show I am bingeing out on his music as Heather is out and she don't like the Blues. Here is a track that sums up how I feel today. I chopped this from Wikipedia Wold left home at 13 to avoid abuse at the hands of his stepfather, and lived rough and on the road in Tennessee, Mississippi and elsewhere, until 1973.[4][7] He would travel long distances by hopping freight trains, looking for work as a farm laborer or in other seasonal jobs, often living as a hobo.[5][8] At various times, Wold worked at a carnival, as a cowboy and as a migrant worker. Wold described this time of his life by saying "Hobos are people who move around looking for work, tramps are people who move around but don't look for work, and bums are people who don't move and don't work. I've been all three."[9]

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